the obsession formula

Top Dating Coach Reveals Simple Method To Make The Women You Like Obsess Over You…

Throw Any One Of These Subtle Cues In A Conversation With The Girl You Like, And Watch In Awe As She Drops Her Guard, And Aggressively Chases And Seduces You!

Dear Friend,

Do you have a girl you’re interested in?

If so, you’ve come to the right place because… I'm exposing the shocking truth about what women really want.

When you learn this simple truth, she'll instantly become more attracted to you. Now I realize that's a big promise but I'll prove it.

But first, I have to warn you, the truth about a woman’s desire’s flies in the face of almost all of the dating advice out there.

But I don't care who this offends because if you're a single guy, who's sick of being alone, then this discovery will change your life.

It was only recently discovered, and…

It Works By Tapping Into A Woman’s Deep-Seeded Desires And Fantasies…

That make her start thinking about you over and over again, like a record on repeat. And causing her to build a strong desire to get to know you more intimately.

It truly is the first real "attraction trigger" for average and even below average guys who just want to experience the kind of girls that they've only fantasized about up until now.

I used it to score a date with my shy co-worker, Stacy. I've used it to get numbers from 68 girls in bars and coffee shops.

And I even used it on a stunning redhead at the local grocery store to turn her into my devoted, loving girlfriend.

I never have to feel like I'm harassing women on the street or like I need to spend nights in smoky bars approaching gross women, and I rarely risk rejection because I always have a secret advantage over other guys.

In just a minute…

I'm Going To Flip Everything You Think You Know About Women On Its Head…

But first, I have to share the story about how this secret was discovered.

Adam Lyons was the man who first uncovered these techniques. Adam was recently named the top seducer on planet earth.

He currently lives in Los Angeles with his two stunning girlfriends.

For the last 12 years, Adam has kept his real secret to success under lock and key.

You see, before he made this discovery, Adam was a below average guy in every way, and that's being generous. At the end of high school, his classmates voted him "Least likely to get a girlfriend, ever."

When he finally did get his first real girlfriend at age 23, she cheated on him and slept with another guy, on his birthday of all days, and a year later, to the day, Adam hadn't so much as kissed another girl since his girlfriend.

That's when he decided something had to change. He was sick and tired of spending every night alone, feeling worthless, feeling like he blew it every time he liked a girl, feeling like he'd have to settle if he ever wanted another girlfriend.

Adam began a wild mission, not just to become "good" with girls, not just to "find a girlfriend" but to become an expert in female attraction.

Look, that's a big goal… so Adam read and watched everything he could get his hands on about "seduction" and "getting girls".

Sure, some of it helped, but most of it was pretty weird and creepy, and worse, every "system" or "method" he came across required a lot of work, and Adam wanted getting girls to be simple and stress-free!

One night, while skimming through an old psychology textbook, Adam made a discovery that would change his life.

A discovery that flies in the face of what most scientists think they know about female psychology, but…

This Discovery Confirmed One Shocking Truth About What Women Really Want…

They found that women are fantasizing about love and romance all the time. They're practically fantasy generating machines.

It sounds incredible, but two Harvard psychologists recently proved that a whopping 47% of a woman's waking hours, she's fantasizing…

And most of the time, what is she unconsciously thinking about, even though she would never admit it?

That's right. SEX!

Believe it or not, scientists at the University of Granada found that women experience sexual fantasies more often than men… And They Say Men Think About Sex Every Seven Seconds!

Now I'm not going to sit here and bore you with theory or statistics because I'm here to do one thing and one thing only… share Adam's SECRET SAUCE technique!

But I do want you to hear this straight from the horse's mouth.

Here's what female sexologist, Dr. Logan Levkoff has to say about a woman's sex fantasies…

"Our brains are the biggest sex organ we have. We are supposed to use them. We are supposed to have an active fantasy life."

Women Are Hiding Their Deepest Desires From Us… And It’s Not Fair!

If women are secretly fantasizing all the time… why aren't they going out every night, trying to pick up random guys?

It's because unlike men, who fantasize about a variety of women, most of a woman's wildest fantasies are about one specific guy. Her "obsession", if you will.

If she's not already dating him, she's sure as heck fantasizing about him while she watches soap operas, or reads romance novels.

Now for you this could either be bad news, or it could revolutionize your dating and sex life if you use it to your advantage.

On the one hand, if you're not that guy who she's obsessed with, you could say all the "right things"… you could have shredded six pack abs… or you could be her "perfect man on paper", and she'd still ditch you for her obsession at the drop of a hat.

On the other hand…

Once You Turn On One Of Her "Obsession Fantasies"... She'll Stop Thinking About Other Men And Want To Be With You!

Even if you say all the wrong things, even if you have a spare tire of fat hanging around your waistline and even if you're not her type, because you're poor or old or ugly.

These fantasies are already repeating themselves over and over like a broken record in her subconscious mind.

All you have to do is "switch them on" using Adam's technique and she'll fantasize about you in vivid detail.

She'll feel an intense arousal and a powerful urge to be with you. Adam's Obsession Formula is that secret technique. It’s…

The Easiest And Most Foolproof Way To Get A Woman You Like Falling Head Over Heels For You…

And it's the same technique that allowed Adam to catapult from a complete and total loser into a top dating coach.

He's seduced hundreds of women, reality show celebrities, porn stars, and A-level actresses in Hollywood where he now lives.

But what makes Adam more proud than any of his personal successes is the fact that he's helped thousands of his students find loving and devoted girlfriends.

But Adam has a dirty little secret. And for the last 12 years, Adam has never shared his real key to success…

This Seduction Shortcut Blows Every Other Dating System, E-Book, Or Course Out Of The Water!

Adam has transformed his research on sexual and romantic fantasies into simple, and actionable techniques. Plus he’s tailored it so it’s easy to use for regular guys around the world.

Adam has spent countless hours testing the formula on himself and his most "hard case" students…

Mostly virgins, some guys with disabilities and many more with paralyzing fear any time a woman walks into the room.

Adam refused to release the technique until he felt any guy could use it.

And the best part is, with Adam's Obsession Formula, you can choose which powerful fantasy you want to tap into based on what you want. You’ll learn…

The Devotion Fantasy

You'll use this one if you want to make her into your loyal, loving girlfriend.

When you trigger this powerful fantasy you will make a women crave a loving relationship with you and only you.

You'll simply "plant the seeds" of this fantasy in her head with a few easy techniques, and watch as she transforms in front of your eyes, eventually becoming devoted to one thing… MAKING YOU HAPPY!

The Chasing Fantasy

Maybe you don't want a girlfriend. What if you don't want to do all the work seducing her? Simple solution. You'll use the "Chasing Fantasy".

This one is great because it builds up so much attraction and sexual tension, that the girl is often the one who initiates the relationship… and puts in the effort to win you over.

You'll be amazed as she feels compelled to act assertively and take the lead. She'll put in the effort to keep the conversation going so you’re not always worrying over what to say next.

The Temptation Fantasy…

There's a third fantasy that's just as powerful, the "Temptation Fantasy", which taps into a woman's desire to be romanced.

When you tap into this fantasy she won't hit on you, but what will happen will be nothing short of amazing.

You'll notice her getting more flirtatious… her face may even get a little flushed.

When you see this happening you’ll know that now is the time to ask her out… or maybe go in for a kiss.

Normally, only Adam's worst-case students were invited to learn the formula. He required that they sign a nondisclosure agreement… that bound them to silence, and pay $12,500 for his "Mastery" boot camp. But…

I've Convinced Adam To Issue A "Test Release" For Much Less… To See If Men In The General Public Are Capable Of Using These Secrets Responsibly…

Adam has created a password protected website where you'll be able to view the Formula discreetly.

Just watch it once in the privacy of your own home, and you're well on your way to becoming an irresistible man that woman obsess over.

You can use the Obsession Formula to meet strangers at a bar or coffee shop, ignite the passions of ex-girlfriends or girls that you work with, or just use it on the girl that you like and make her obsessed with you.

No more girls acting like you don't exist, no more lonely nights. You now have the ability to make her yours.

Also, don’t be surprised if it makes your friends jealous, while giving them a newfound respect for you.

Here Are A Few Of The Super Star Seduction Tricks You Will Learn With The Obsession Formula…

  • One weird move that makes the woman you're talking to unconsciously start touching your thighs, legs and even your groin area. She won't know why but she will know that she's so turned on by you that she can't help herself.
  • How to turn the tables on a girl, and make her come after you when she's playing hard to get by using a powerful breakthrough recently discovered by two world renowned professors at Northwestern University.
  • A mind "hack" that gives you an unconscious "killer instinct" with women so powerful that all you need to do is look at her and it's on.
  • How to jet from "no experience at all" with women to naturally being "so dangerously good with girls that it scares your friends".
  • A brain dead simple move that makes her look up to you as the "best option" to date, while she looks down on and ignores the other men pursuing her.
  • Three innocent phrases that turn on a girl who doesn't think of you romantically yet.
  • How to make a woman feel an unbreakable, addictive bond to you and reveal her deepest, darkest secrets and fantasies with you. This is the fast track shortcut to make her want to be your girlfriend in just one conversation.
  • An ancient and forgotten seduction trick that engulfs the "commitment" part of her brain and makes her want to settle down with you.
  • How to read the seven subtle but obvious clues a woman gives off that tell you she's single and practically begging to be chatted up, so you never have to waste your time with girls that aren't available.
  • My three-second "arousal amplification technique" for making a girl excited for you.
  • Subtly do this two to three times and she'll be ready to be kissed. Sneak it in seven or eight more times throughout the evening, and nine times out of ten, you're getting lucky that same night.
  • 99% of guys don't do this one subtle move, but you will, and because it's such a challenge to her, she'll instantly work to "prove herself" to you and chase you. Hint. Adam stole this one from a crime boss in New York.
  • Five subtle phrases to drop into your conversation with a girl that induce her to start vividly fantasizing about a romantic encounter with you. The best thing about these phrases is that you only have to say them once or twice, before you notice her getting visibly turned on.
  • The "lazy man's" secret to rake in hot girls, without approaching anyone, starting an online profile, or setting foot in a bar. This little known secret is like hiring a world-class ladies man to go out, talk to girls for you, and deliver them straight to your door, dangerously attracted to you.
  • And Many More….

What’s The Power To Make A Girl You Like Obsessed With You Worth?

Now you may be wondering how you can qualify for Adam's Obsession Formula, and if you do qualify, how much does it cost?

We all know the brutal cost of not having this part of your life handled, the hundreds of dollars you spend on dates that lead nowhere, the cost of drinks, online dating accounts, And that's not even considering the emotional cost of being alone.

What's it worth to know that the uncertainty of the "dating game" is a thing of the past?

The guys who already have access to the Obsession Formula say they couldn't put a price on this power. As any Obsession Formula insider will tell you…

This technique won't just transform your dating life… it'll transform the respect you get from other men, your career and your overall sense of happiness and control you feel in your life.

Adam Is Offering His Full Ground Breaking Seduction System To You…

At first, I urged Adam not to charge a penny less than $699 for the Obsession Formula. With the bonuses I'll tell you about in a minute, that would be a steal, but you won't be paying $699.

You won't pay half of that...You won't even pay $150….

By ordering now, you'll get Adam Lyons's breakthrough seduction system, the Obsession Formula, for only $67.

Plus, since you're here with us now, Adam is including nine bonuses that I'm about to show you. And the best part is… your purchase is guaranteed.

You Mean I Don’t Have To Pay A Dime If I Don’t Get A Date With The Girl I’ve Been Thinking About This Presentation!

If this program isn’t what you’re looking for, heck, even if you don't like the way Adam's voice sounds, you have a full 60 days to send Adam an e-mail and receive a full refund. No questions asked, no hassles.

If you're not shocked by the new way women respond to you after using the Obsession Formula, then Adam doesn't want your money, so you have nothing to risk and everything to gain. Just click the button below.

Here Are The Nine Life-Changing Bonus Products Adam Is Including Free With Your Purchase…

Friend-Zone to Sex-Zone

This normally sells for $107 but it's yours free.

Do you have a female friend who you'd give anything to hook up with? In this bonus, you get Adam's bulletproof system that turns "platonic" friendships into steamy, sweaty, sexual relationships.

X-Ray Vision

This usually sells for $97 but is yours for free with your purchase.

In this bonus you’ll learn the subtle signs that a woman wants you. You’ll know the instant the Obsession Formula starts working, so you know exactly when to make your move.

Facebook Seduction

This normally sells for $39.99 but is free.

Almost everyone is on Facebook these days. It's a treasure trove of hot girls.

In this exclusive bonus, you'll learn how to get girls friending you, what to message them, and how to get them to agree to meet up for a date, even if you've been out of touch for years.

Only You

This normally sells for $39.99 but is yours free with your purchase.

This is the guide to "cheat proofing" your relationship. When a girl is unfaithful, it causes a whirlwind of pain. I've been there, and it sucks, but after going through this exclusive bonus, you won’t have to worry about a girl being unfaithful because you've taken the proper steps in the correct order to make sure she doesn’t stray from you.

Online Attraction Formula…

This normally sells for $69.99 but is free with your purchase.

You'll learn how to win at online dating. You'll get the secret sequence of messages that's been proven over and over again to get girls on online dating sites not only responding to your messages, but begging you to "hang out".

Speaking Womanese

This usually sells for $97 but is yours for free.

You’ll learn the way that women communicate to one another. When you learn the simple tricks in this bonus you’ll talk to her in a way that makes her think “he just gets me.

Tinder Secrets

This retails at $37 but is included for free.

If you have a Smartphone, then there are hundreds of single women in your area using cell phone apps like Tinder to meet men. In this exclusive e-book, you'll discover the secrets of designing an attractive profile that women can't say no to.

You'll get the most effective, tested opening lines to use and learn what to say next to get her interested in meeting up with you.

Hookup Handbook

This retails for $49 but is included for free.

In this bonus, you'll learn 20 ultra-specific, ultra-effective ways to convince a girl to come back to your apartment or house.

It doesn't matter if you're on a date with her or you just met her that day. You'll know exactly step-to-step how to escalate things, so that you're silky smooth every time you want to make a move on a girl.

Text Game Mastery

This retails at $37… but is included for free with your purchase.

Do you want to have meet up with a girl whose number is in your phone? In this bonus, we're making it easy, even if you haven't texted her in ages.

You'll learn the exact messages word for word that make almost any girl in your phone want to meet up for a " date".

The Red Hornet Academy

You’re also eligible for a 14-day free trial to Adam’s advanced coaching seminar, The Red Hornet Academy.

That’s a $34.99 value… free with your purchase.

I Thought Adam Was Nuts To Give Up Over $574 Worth Of Bonuses For Free With Your Purchase...

Yeah, that's exactly what you're getting because you're here at the right time. That's almost his entire product library and your only investment for your free trial of the Obsession Formula of $67.

Just click the button below to get started now! Break that price down over the next two months, and it comes out to $1.13 a day. That's less than the price of a cup of coffee. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and the risk is all on Adam's side.

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You'll just fill out the simple form, enter your payment information, and click the "Place Your Order" button and then you'll immediately get access to your 60-day money back guarantee of the Obsession Formula.

No hidden charges, no risk of losing your money. Just control and happiness in your dating life.

Right Now You Have A Life Changing Decision To Make…

Option One is the risky choice….

You can choose to do nothing… and yes, "doing nothing" is a choice although it's not a very manly one.

If you choose the path of inaction, you'll give up your spot to some other guy. You never know, maybe he'll be man enough to use it on a girl you like.

You'll risk staying lonely forever and you'll risk never getting this problem handled and never enjoying the sex life that you really want. I've seen it happen to men before, and it's sad to watch.

Or you can take Option Two… THE MAN’S CHOICE!

Risk nothing. Click the button below this video right now and get the life changing Obsession Formula for just $67.

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Do not let your hesitation hold you back. That's the same thing that's held you back around women you like. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and take action.

Click the button and get what you crave, control and satisfaction in your dating life!

How The Obsession Formula Is Different From Any Other Seduction System Out There…

Maybe you think you're a "lost cause" with women. This system has worked for men with serious physical disabilities and zero experience with women. If they can do it, you can do it too.

Maybe you think that this will take too much "effort". HECK NO!

Adam designed this system specifically so regular guys could understand and use it.

Maybe you think, "It's too good to be true" and I don't blame you. I would never have believed this before I saw it with my very eyes. It's truly unlike anything else out there.

It's secure and safe. Adam has a serious reputation to uphold. Simply send us an e-mail if you don't agree that this product was everything I said and more, and you get a full, no questions asked refund.

I'm going to leave you with…

The Three Most Important… Crucial Reasons Why You Need To Act Now And Click The Button Below...

Number One: I don’t how long we will be selling this product. If you have any interest, now is the time to act.

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